Aerial Surveys, Analysis and Modelling

Our aerial survey and mapping solutions provide accurate, in-depth data for a wide range of applications.

The quick and efficient scanning of land, environmental areas and building sites facilitated by UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – ‘Drones’) present not only a safer method of inspection but a more effective view of operations, offering a new perspective from which issues and faults can be detected.

  • 3D Modelling – Fully scale-able with topographic detail.
  • Geo-Mapping – Gather accurate data such as coordinates.

From tracking site progress and monitoring site safety, to keeping stakeholders informed and overseeing subcontractors, the use of UAVs offers substantial benefits over traditional methods.

With even relatively small construction projects offering complex logistical challenges, this ability to streamline and simplify has unsurprisingly led to this new technology being fully embraced by the construction industry.

Surveys & Inspections

Using specialist UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or ‘Drones’) equipped with real time kinematics (a satellite navigation technique used to enhance the precision of position data derived from global navigation satellite systems such as GPS and GLONASS) allows our aircraft to continually update their position to provide sub centimetre accuracy, which, along with high-resolution sensors, allow us to create highly accurate orthomosaics, digital elevation and surface models for measuring structures and to monitor land usage.

These models are often used to provide accurate visualizations of physical environments, used for:

  • 2D & 3D Environment Mapping
  • Creating land registry maps
  • Accurately  measuring buildings
  • Monitoring rock and ground formations
  • Mapping and modelling heritage sites
  • Mapping accurate field boundaries
  • Measuring, managing and monitoring site stock

Thermal Imaging

Our thermal surveys provide a non-destructive assessment of a building’s thermal performance. This allows us to measure heat loss, detect thermal bridging, assess insulation and identify areas of water ingress.

One of the most common applications for aerial thermal imaging is for the discovery of areas affected by heat loss, usually in locations otherwise inaccessible. Our drones conduct technical inspections using specialist, purpose-built thermal imaging cameras that are an ideal solution for surveying roofs, large buildings and wide areas.

We offer a complete thermal imaging service for heat loss surveys with both ground and aerial thermal imaging sensors.

Our pilots are all BINDT ISO accredited thermographers.

Aerial Thermal Imaging Survey - Hertfordshire

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M210 RTK v2 Surveying & Thermal Imaging Drone


Up to the minute drone technology and imaging devices.

We love technology and continue to invest in the latest drone and imaging devices, our fleet includes the latest surveying and thermal imaging aircraft – the M210RTK v2, DJI Inspire 2 and the Mavic 2 Pro, all capable of delivering stunning images and UHD 4k video. Our RTK surveying systems allows us to collect highly accurate visual and thermographic imagery in a single flight.

We are able to provide ultra-high definition footage up to 5.2k in either raw D-Log, ProRes2 or H264 or HVEC (H265), our surveying solutions can be output as GeoTiff for orthomosaics and .obj, .shp and.laz files for use in CAD and 3D applications or KML and KMZ files for GIS systems.

Fully Insured

All of our flight operations are fully insured, with insurance that exceeds the requirements of EC785/2004.

BINDT Accredited Thermographers

All of our pilots and operators are acreddited by the British Institute of Non Destructive testing

CAA Approved Drone Pilots

Dellfield Solutions Ltd has received Permission For Commercial Operations (PFCO), including night operations, from the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Flight Safety

The CAA regulations governing commercial flight operations for drones are very detailed, as such, in some cases, it may not be possible to undertake the brief as outlined – some flights could require additional approval from the Civil Aviation Authority, however, we are able to help you through the process of making your aerial shoot both legal and safe, including applying for the appropriate permits.

From your initial request, we will carry out a detailed pre-flight feasibility survey based on your requirements that includes checks on airspace restrictions, nearby airports and no fly zones, we’ll also check access to your location, both for the flight crew and to ensure the flight can be undertaken with no public encroachment.

Each of our flights is assessed on an individual basis in accordance with our CAA approved operations manual. A full risk assessment is carried out prior to the flight taking place – this assessment includes clearly designated and marked landing areas and, where necessary, cordons and ground safety personnel.